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Merging Design Styles: The Final Picks

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As you know, we’re in the midst of really testing our relationship merging our design styles with a new apartment and furniture overhaul. Last week, we covered the crazy things significant others want to keep and a snapshot of just how different our tastes are through different product categories. We each selected a bar/counter stool, a lamp and a bar cart – these are all things we haven’t quite settled on in our apartment yet.  Let’s just say, the selections were vastly different!

Over the weekend, we put our heads together to figure out what items in those categories that 1.) we could agree on and 2.) fit with the space. Since we’ve been furniture shopping for the last 5 weeks, we’re starting to get the hang of this, and the conversation wasn’t quite so long and cumbersome as it used to be. I think we’re starting to recognize what each other likes, in addition to ourselves, making it easier to pick out possible pieces.

And without further ado, here’s what we picked together:


For the bar/counter stools, we settled on something a little more industrial, which leans a little more toward his style than mine. What I do like about these is that they have a nice silver finish and really are transitional in a space that we’re trying to incorporate more than one “look.”  Turner Stool, Crate and Barrel, $199.00


These bedside lamps are probably the closest thing to what I’ve been looking for over the last few months (yes, months). Based on what he picked for his individual lamp last week, this probably isn’t his first pick, but this is where compromise comes in, and I think we agrees that something more traditional and classic fits better with our bedroom aesthetic. I love the wider, shiny silver base and smaller shade so it doesn’t overpower the bedside tables. I worry a little bit about the quality since we’ve never ordered from here before, but I do love the look of the lamp.  Mercury Glass Lamp, Grandin Road, $69.00



This bar cart probably looks familiar from last week. It was one of my picks because it was the first one I found that I really fell in love with. When I shared it with the BF, he agreed that it was the best one he’d seen so far as well. It’s simple and sleek – the metal gives it more of an industrial feel, while the gold also gives it a classy, more elegant look. It really is a great blend of our tastes. Sadly it’s backordered until January, but it’s probably my favorite piece of all three here. Libations Cart, Crate and Barrel, $599.00

After three posts on merging our design styles, I’m happy to report that we are, in fact, now in therapy still living together. Thought, after the first post, the BF indicated that he may have a rebuttal guest post highlighting all the things I’ve kept that he hates. Obviously I’m doubtful there is enough content for a whole post on this topic, but there may be a post like that in the near future!

So how’d we do? Do you think there is a reflection of both tastes in these selections? Any stories you can share about merging your own design style with someone else’s?

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