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Merging Design Style: You Want to Keep That?!?

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My boyfriend and I have been together for about 2 years, which means we’ve had a good amount of time to fight about get used to our design styles. It also means that we’ve been collecting some pieces of furniture over the course of this time. As many of you know, Moving Day! – I had previously moved in with him, so this apartment has been a clean slate for us to give our home a makeover.  And while we’ve had some time to find a middle ground, it doesn’t mean we’re all the way there yet.

There are a few of my boyfriend’s items that survived (or almost survived) the move, so I figured I’d share them with you.  Maybe you can relate, or will recognize my extreme patience or perhaps just get a good laugh. 

kangaroo.jpg Schlitz-Beer.jpg


Are you laughing yet? Keep in mind, we have no separate rooms that serve as offices or “man caves,” everything is a communal space. Now how would one design a room around either of these posters? Needless to say, these are two things that didn’t make it to the new apartment.


We’ve discussed the love of animal decor around here before. I’ve made some concessions, but it still blows my mind a little bit. For instance, this is a crucial piece that can not be replaced…but can I point out the broken feet on the left. It’s broken! Sigh…this ones stays.


You don’t have one of these on your bedside tables? Huh. Well I keep putting this in the drawer…but it keeps reappearing.


Just a reminder that we’re all winners here. No. Seriously, this is currently in our house. Can I point out that it’s a “self promotional award?” I don’t know exactly what that means, but I don’t think it’s a great thing.

What stuff does your significant other hold onto for dear life, regardless of how absurd it looks in your house? Stay tuned for more of the ups and downs of trying to merge your styles later this week!

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  • Guest
    Mom Wednesday, January 23 2013

    Hey, that turtle is a family heirloom and if you think the boyfriend is tough you should meet his father!! We have compromised over decor for 35 years!

  • Jennifer J. Eastman
    Jennifer J. Eastman Wednesday, January 23 2013

    Don't worry, we kept it! It might get a fresh coat of paint but it is growing on me!

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