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DIY Files: All that's Gold Doesn't Always Glitter

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I have a few DIY projects that I've been saving to share with you, and a few more planned, so I'm introducing a new series called the DIY Files. I'll share the project, but also how it really turned out. No, honestly, they aren't all pinterest perfect. We'll soon find out, that's for sure.


I saw this great project on Pinterest that added some easy glamour to white dishes. I love gold, so I was dying to try it. I figured if nothing else, they would make for some great gifts over the holidays. So I set up a spray paint booth in the apartment, got my gold spray paint, painters tape and set to work. I used a combination of spray paint and an oil-based paint sharpie to create the designs. I also used a stencil, which was helpful. 


I'd say the success was only mediocre. There are a few that came out great and that I gave away as gifts. And then there were quite a few that didn't come out nearly as good. Damnit Pinterest for making it all look so easy. Here are some of the finished products:


These ones were the only ones that were a roaring success, and were turned into a gift this Christmas. I used the oil-based Sharpie and a stencil to create a random polka dot pattern. Apparently I struggle with anything beyond the simplicity of polka dots. 


These ones also came out decently, except for the fact that for the top one was used to cover up a mistake from a different attempt. I originally used the oil-based sharpie, and then because it didn't work out, I taped off the cup and used the spray paint to create a different design. The problem is that because I used different types of paint, you can actually see the screwed up design behind the spray paint. So not a success. If I did that design over again, I'd leave the handle white instead of painted. I think the contrast would look much better.


Also looking fairly successful, until you get up close...



Not. so. much. A little tip, if you're using blue painters tape, I recommend finding another thinner tape to create the actual paint line. The blue tape was great for the rest of the cup, but use a thin tape with more grip and less room to create wrinkles (i.e. less places for the paint to bleed). If you do get a bleed, I used a razor to scrape of the paint when it was dry. Another lesson learned: because I was using gold paint (and trying to spray from a funny angle within my apartment) I ended up spraying too much paint and creating drips. There was a reflection from the gold paint that made it look like it wasn't completely covered so I just kept spraying. Instead, I think it was covered and I went overboard. 


And then I attempted to make Mr. and Mrs. mugs for my sister and brother-in-law who just recently got married. I knew they really liked them, but figured I could make them instead of order them from someone. For this one, I used a stencil and the gold Sharpie. The problem is that the stencils are flat and the cups are awkwardly round shaped, so the paint ended up bleeding everywhere. I was able to get this one to come out ok, but somehow lost the stencil for these three letter just after this. They must have gotten wrapped up in the many scraps and papers I was using and then tossed. So needless to say, I didn't end up giving them as gifts. You can see that the paint lines are a bit shakey too, so I'll have to try this again some other day. 

End result? I'd say it's a bit of a toss up on whether it was a success or not. I could probably do polka dot patterns all day long, however, so could a kindergartener. Some of these other patterns, not as successful. But I do think the lessons I learned in round one would make a second attempt much easier. But then, isn't that always the case?

Happy DIY-ing!

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