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The use of cork in interiors and decorating has been increasing over the last few years. And now it's emerging as a fashion trend. From chairs to lamps to shoes and bags, cork is everywhere. It does have some valuable qualities though - impermeable, bouyant, sustainable, environmentally friendly, fire-resistant and it's a good source of insulation. It can be mixed with cement to increase the energy absorbtion and is being used more frequently as an insulation due to it's great accoustic and thermal properties and safe materials. Here are some unique uses of cork to get you inspired: Sources: Gizmodo, Dezeen, Modwalls, Maison Martin Margiela, Stonewood Products Personally, I'm a big fan of the penny tiles. They provide some cool texture and I also think you could get creative with a grouting option. If you use it on the floors, you're practically creating a waterproof surface, which is a bonus. Is...

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