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I've found my new dream land. It's at the D&D building, or the Decoration and Design building, on 3rd Ave. near 59th Street. (And conveniently located near Bloomingdales, but I digress.) Let me paint a picture for you: huge building, 14 floors and an endless number of different brands and showrooms full of great items. Fabrics, furniture, decor accents, wallpaper and much more. This place was sheer bliss. I'll admit that I only made it to three floors (and that took almost two hours) and I was little overwhelmed. I regret that I really didn't take any pictures - I think I was even more overwhelmed then I remember because I actually made a mental note to take a few pictures and then just got lost in the sea of inspiration. Here are two of my favorite showrooms from my visit this week: Holly Hunt - This was a huge showroom...

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