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An Inevitable Resolution Post (but hopefully not too cliché!)

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I haven't really talked about resolutions here yet this year. Mostly because I'm just not feeling them. I don't like to start the year with all these plans to overhaul my life and routine in an attempt to make myself or my life better. Same goes for waiting until Monday morning to start a diet - seize the moment and start now. Don't mistake this for not wanting to be a better person or strive for a better life - those are things I do want, but not in the form of an overachieving new year's resolution where I'll inevitably fail. No one likes to fail, and then I'll beat myself up about it for days/weeks/months. You know, because that's fun. 

So yes, I will continue to strive for better fitness, better eating habits, work/life balance and the general being a better person. But I have a few other things I'm striving to accomplish this year. There are no metrics, no finish line. Even babysteps for some of these will be success. So here's what I'm striving for in 2014:

Take risks: With design. With my career. With our life here at home. Big risks can come with a big fall or a big reward. And when it comes with reward, it's so much sweeter. Awesome doesn't come from playing it safe.

Get creative: Push the envelope. Stretch my mind. Think outside the box. I feel closer to a true artist and designer than I ever have before. I'm constantly excited about weird projects and ideas in my head. I'm gearing up for my last studio in school, the safest place to be as creative as your mind will let you. Going for it.

Keep the commitments under control: I don't think it's any secret that 2013 was a bit wild. I felt like I was riding a mechanical bull, holding on for dear life and secretly hoping that sucker would just buck me off already! Being spread too thin isn't fun, even when you're scheduled to be having fun (I scheduled fun in here damnit, now have it!) And it really makes it hard to be creative or take things to the next level in any area of your life. So I'm going to try to contain it, even if just a little. (She says with nearly 2/3 of the weekends already booked in 2014...we should probably just scratch this one off now.)

Design for good: I don't know how this one is going to fit in just yet, but I need to find some way to give back. I miss it and my soul yearns for it. One of my larger lifetime goals is have the opportunity to design for a hospital, specifically a cancer center or pediatric wing. That's an ambitious goal for 2014, but perhaps we can start small somewhere. I love design because people have a positive reaction to being surrounded by beauty, it makes them happy. And what better place to deploy this than where people need happiness the most. (And yes, I just divulged one of my bigger lifetime goals to you. Perhaps one day I'll write a post about my design goals for the next 10 years.)

And while we're on the topic and you're still here (if you're still here), here's a really awesome article from Mark Manson about what you're willing to struggle for or give up in order to achieve your goals. I found it pretty incredible and I highly recommend reading it. 

Happy 2014! Here's to the ways we'll struggle, grow and achieve throughout it, and all we'll celebrate on the otherside of it next December!

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  • Guest
    Michelle Tuesday, January 07 2014

    Well said!! I really liked the article

  • Guest
    Nancy scanlon Wednesday, January 08 2014

    Loved the article you referred to. thanks for the insights!

  • Jennifer J. Eastman
    Jennifer J. Eastman Wednesday, January 08 2014

    Thanks Michelle and Nancy! I thought it was perfect given the new year, and a good reminder for all of us!

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